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by Rob Friesel

Amazing what one can get done in a day… Kitchen sink’s P-trap turned out not to be a big deal to fix. And by “turned out” (long story short) I mean those things apparently go on a certain way. As in “the other way, stupid.” Sigh of relief, followed by a sigh of embarrassment. So that was nice. Fortuitously (though I wouldn’t say “luckily”) Stoli got sick on the same day — so a PTO day didn’t get turned into two. (And with as much as I got done for work at home, we might even get that whittled down to one-half…)

And now, semi-inspired by the iLife Poster, some new photos:

(Our bathroom: improved with new parts.)

(A neat little shot of some icicles that formed on the overhang of our roof…)

(Leaky pipes before I got that P-trap turned around…)

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