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by Rob Friesel

My youngest brother called me tonight for a recommendation about whether to save up his cash for an iPod, …mini, or …shuffle. Pursuing consumer reports and reliable anecdotal evidence is such a refreshing trait in such a young lad. Not that 15 is really all that young. Lord knows though that I didn’t do that kind of research on my stereo. Or my bass guitar. Though I did perform some similarly laborious investigation before investing in the Thunderboard soundcard. [ir]Regardless, I must say I was proud of him for his questions. “I don’t have a lot of CDs, is the extra $50 worth it to bump up from the mini to the regular iPod?” “How do I get songs on and off the damn thing?” “What other hardware do you think I might need?” “My friend said that iTunes is the only software I’d need, is this true?” “Will it work with my Windows-based PC?” My heart swells with pride. The budding smart-ass within him also demonstrate the budding geek within him.

And now to allow my head to explode into tiny fragments prior to sleep.

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