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snow day.

by Rob Friesel

WARNING! Stream of consciousness post to follow below:

Snow days aren’t just for grade school kids anymore. Or maybe they never were in Vermont. They’re definitely better prepared to deal with inclement weather around here but Ma Nature scoffs at even the most robust efforts. Even a plow through my neighborhood every hour was no match for the mighty snow. Wasn’t bitter cold but was definitely in wet-and-constant-and-slippery precipitation area. Weather advisory warnings re: my route from Barre to Burlington kept me in the house this a.m. The constant precip made me glad to have made the decision. The “STAY OFF OF I-89” warning in the p.m. sealed the deal when it came to easing my conscience. At least I still got a full work day in. Jammed up a little bit at certain points (not all my SSH access is where it needs to be re: remoting in but whatever) but getting the job done just the same, no? Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

On that note: Who needs workplace drama? I can personally do without it. NEWSFLASH: Knowing both sides of any given story sure helps. But still, can folks just mellow out and mind their own business?

All this from the privacy and comfort of my own home office. Wonderful.

And I just today discovered the neatness-factor in iTunes “Party Shuffle” mode. I still think it’s a stupid name but I’ve decided I can get down.

Currently Playing: The Rapture “Sister Savior” (Blackstrobe Remix) >> Spoon “Revenge!” >> Sister Machine Gun “Red”

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