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by Rob Friesel

Ever since last July, our basement has been all but useless. It was just never the same after that sewage incident. Which (I suppose) is just as well since we’ve really needed a junky area these past few months to paint things and stack things and store things and just generally have one less room to worry about the cleanliness of. However, it’s a real kick in the ass to think that a more/less finished basement got trashed through no fault of our own after only about 10 days of us moving in. So we finally started to get down and measure it out:

W/ those numbers maybe we can think about the umpteen million steps required to turn it back in to a liveable space. We’ll start by just clearing out all the crap that’s down there. (Most of which was left behind by prior owners.) From there we can repair drywall and… Ugh. Already I’m nauseous from intimidation.

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