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R.I.P. Optimus

by Rob Friesel

Can anyone explain how the hell an Autobot can get prostate cancer?

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5 Responses to R.I.P. Optimus

Alana says:

That’s one hell of a weird way of reinforcing that Transformers is a BOY’S show.

My favorite line was that they morph into “unsuspecting” items like cars and airplanes. Yeah, that tractor trailer had NO IDEA that Optimus Prime would transform into it . . .

julia says:

Remember the first time Optimus Prime died? My sister and I cried for a week straight. I wonder if he’ll die again one day?

*My* favorite line from the article was: “a prostate specific antigen blood test and a two second look at your tailpipe can save your life.”

john says:

okay, I didn’t mean to do that 3 times. For some reason I kept getting an error page telling me that my comment was not posted.

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