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Spring Cometh.

by Rob Friesel

Spring is here. Well, according to the calendar and the early stages of snow-melt anyway. Spent the weekened w/ A & my fam (who was down fr/ Maine for the Easter weekend). Hit Stowe for the first time ever w/ my dad and brother. Had a rocky start to the day but left w/ sore legs and a smile on my face so I’d say it was well-spent. Even if my camera batteries crapped out before I could even get the first panoramic shot in.

Highlights of the weekend also included some random(ish) presents fr/ my Mom. Observe:

Darth Tater lays waste to the clone army of the Peep lords.

A friend of my mom’s retired her phonograph and donates about 25 vinyl discs to a worthy cause. Including a copy of Zappa’s “Apostrophe” in like-new condition.

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