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the great mauve plague

by Rob Friesel

Despite my best efforts, my body up and succumbed to the Great Mauve Plague of ’05 that’s been traipsing around the office of-late. /le sigh, indeed. Fortunately, I fell to its gnarly powers on a day where A had few obligations ’round the lab so she’s opted stay home and take care of me.

Thus do I turn to a couple of quick a.m. ruminations:

  1. Why is it that when I get sick, I have the good enough sense to refrain from drinking coffee? In the “gotta get enough fluids” standpoint, this is wisdom made to action — keep the caffeine from the system. The tails of that coin though is that there’s the inevitable mid-a.m. headache that makes everything feel worse first. Ugh.
  2. Having just finished Diary (which, I might add, I highly recommend), I returned recently to my Third Foray into Infinite Jest. The segment I just completed was one of the more lengthy passages featuring Steeply and Marathe. In previous reads (and admittedly, in this one, too) I find these difficult to plow through. They’re tedious and (at times) a little dull in the overall context though they provide much needed background. Something particularly stiking that I hadn’t picked up on prior though was how well its couched and/or framed within/between Mario’s annual screening of his puppet ONANtiad version. Jeegads!

OK. Time to return to bed and get myself healthy.

currently playing: that nasty churning hum of my sick self

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