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the great mauve plague (2)

by Rob Friesel

Feeling worse before I’m feeling better, I suppose. Ugh, usually I’m at least feeling OK enough to fit some work in from home (for half-credit on the day where applicable…) but this has really knocked me on my ass. It’s not even like full-blown “Hi! My name is Severe Nausea!” or “I’m Major Nasal Congestion, 4th Tactical Illness Division, at your service!” more like the dull throb of persistent body ache &c. Licensed to ill.


  • Following this thread on Sampo re: the P2P trials. Threw in my $0.02 (US) but readily admit I haven’t fully thought it all through. When push comes to shove and I’m taken to task, I’m sure I’ll be shouted down as a nay-sayer. Mostly I just enjoy poking holes in the P2P hooplah.
  • Via Daring Fireball: OS X.4 “Tiger” is available for pre-order on Excitement on disc! Now, let’s just be patient and wait for it to come pre-installed

OK– back to bed.

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