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Daily Archives: May 27, 2005


by Rob Friesel

Submitted for scrutiny (esp. since it doesn’t appear to be working…): gets the latest iTunes Library info from the iTunes User account #!/bin/bash TUNESHARE=/Users/itunes/Music/iTunes AMYLIB=/Users/amy/Music/iTunes GUESTLIB=/Users/guest/Music/iTunes ROBLIB=/Users/rob/Music/iTunes if [ $USER != itunes ]; then if [ $TUNESHARE/iTunes\ 4\ Music\ Library -nt $AMYLIB/iTunes\ 4\ Music\ Library ]; then cp $TUNESHARE/iTunes\ 4\ Music\ Library $AMYLIB/iTunes\ 4\ […]

introducing Malkovich

by Rob Friesel

Previously alluded to (first here, and then here and here, and then finally here): enter the Malkovich: (more on Flickr) short version: wow. slightly longer version: friggin’ awesome in every respect. detailed version: as previously mentioned there was some confusion/oddness with the LoginHook I planned to use for iTunes Library sync’ing. But that has since […]