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by Rob Friesel

As an update to the “Roadmaster!” post… I’d gotten some questions about “And what is ‘Wood Wagon’? How do you play that?” And here, I thought everybody knew this one…

So, we present:


Ideal for highway trips, commutes, and spins around the block, the basic rules to “Wood Wagon!” are:

  • A wood wagon is defined as any vehicle with wood of that wood-ish-looking fiberglass stuff as part of the body.
  • Each Wood Wagon is worth 1 point
  • An erroneously called Wood Wagon docks you -1 point
  • All contenders must be present in the vehicle during play and the winner is decided by whomever has the most points at the end of the trip.

  • CLASSIC example of a Wood Wagon


  • The “wood” must be part of the body of the vehicle. So…
  • Something like a stake bed would be OK:
  • But a semi hauling logs would not be OK:
  • A “Wood Wagon!” call has a value of 3 points when played in combination with “Buick!” Points are cumulative.
  • Since so many wood wagons are “late model”, some groups may optionally wish to double point values on “new” wood wagons (e.g., a woodied PT Cruiser)

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