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Daily Archives: August 24, 2005

a softer world

by Rob Friesel

I may have said it before… Maybe not… But: aSofterWorld is the best web-comic (if you can call it a “comic”) ever. EVER. So poignant. So funny. Every time. The first one makes me want to simultaneously laugh and cry every single time that I see it. Every single time. currently playing: Delerium “Orbit of […]

notes, to do…

by Rob Friesel

Get started w/ launchd rather than cron Malkovich to death… Figure out some other way to automate exports from iCal to phpCal since there more/less isn’t an ics file to copy w/ a shell script any more and AppleScript support for iCal’s export feature is confusing and weak at best… currently playing: Amon Tobin “Reanimator”

dream.20050824: efficiency

by Rob Friesel

Mom & Dad wrote a memoir. And in it, there is a detailed description about their first place. They describe it as a ‘two-room efficiency without the second room’. Their description continues to elaborate on how there was a single bedroom crowded with a too-small bed and a too-small dresser and a too-large sink and […]