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by Rob Friesel

For anyone that didn’t know: I’ve been working on my novel like crazy.

For those that did know: I really mean it this time. No really. Really.

Not familiar with the backstory? For the past four or five years, I’ve been declaring my earnest intention to move on to my next serious novel-writing project. I did the two at SMCM and they were both kind of a hoot. Good projects but… (But what?) But I don’t know. I’ll revisit them eventually, I’m sure – – but they were reflecting a very different time and place for me. And for as much as they captured my concerns and perceptions and all that… They just need revisiting. (Jesus Jeff, how did you ever deal with me?)

All that being said – – I’ve had my brain focused on this prodigal(?) return to speculative fiction (“sci-fi”?) for the past four years. Some of you may have heard me talk about it. (You may even know my “pet name” for the project…) Some of you may have even seen previous drafts. And its that latter bunch that is probably still saying Suuuuuuure you’re working on it this time…

Except that I have been. Except that I hit the milestone “page 100” tonight – – just over 24,000 words if I’m to believe the word count in the software. Not bad for an “earnest start” – – a “real start”. (Hell, if this were November I’d be half done.)

So I’m riding pretty high tonight. I feel like I’m on cruise control for this draft. It’ll need work but best to just get it out. Get it out, get it written. Make it nice later. Hell, at least I have a plot this time.

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