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Nick Warren :: Shanghai

Not too long ago, I posted about the new Nick Warren (or) “GU: Shanghai” mix. Well, I finally opted to “But Album” last night and…

  1. Sadly, the mixes do not include “podcast chapters” for advancing through them. /sigh
  2. I love this mix!

I seem to say that about every new GU mix that comes out but it was just what the doctor ordered. A prodigal return to familiar trance territory with the edge taken off – – chill and atmospheric – – and light on the 4:4 in favor of more breaks. Oh and some good ol’ fashioned acid on the 2nd mix. Kinda reminds me a little of Seaman’s Melbourne mix but a little less lo-fi and with a little more ambition.

currently playing: Alex Stealthy “Once (Sunseeker remix)”

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