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Sunday evening round-up

by Rob Friesel

First snow of teh season:

[ snow! 23-Oct-2005 ]
October 23, 2005
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Fortunately, my dad and I (plus a couple friends) snuck in a quick(!?) hike up Camel’s Hump yesterday. (Pics to follow once I get the copies emailed to me; was sans camera unfortunately…) Note to self: avoid the Forest City Trail up the mountain next time.

We rewarded ourselves with some nice homemade shrimp satay though. I enjoyed 100 grams of the smoothest Ukrainian vodka otherwise unavailable in the States. Flavored with honey and pepper, it’s got a sweetness and a spicy kick that play off each other in a way that is just smooth and with only the tiniest bite. And yet not the alcoholic bite that seems to follow basically any other vodka I’ve ever had. Now to find out how to get it ’round here…

[ delicious! ]

(As a brief aside, my dad brought back a bottle of “Russian Standard” for his neighbor across the street whom is considered quite the vodka connoisseur. Upon tasting the gift, this neighbor apparently phoned my father to inform him: “After sampling the Russian Standard, I have concluded that Stolichnaya is the Gallo of Russian vodkas.”)

The weekend was then rounded out Sunday with a few errands and another viewing of Donnie Darko (now added to the library). I stand by my original assessments.

(Fun ironic/creepy tangent: While brandishing our Circuit City gift card and pondering which DVD to bring home, A & I basically flipped a mental coin over Donnie Darko vs. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind – – then the mental coin flip echoed as I tried to decide whether to use the IMDB link above or the equivalent. Creepy Amazon thinks the two should be paired…) (Also creepy: that late in the car, I slipped and said the Jim Cunningham character was played not by Patrick Swayze but by Tom Cruise – – who happens to appear on the cover of Entertainment Weekly in a sidebar of as I glance at it now…)

Now to enjoy some tea and Tom Robbins and wrap myself in blankets and try to forget that the first snow of the season came quite a bit before my birthday this year…

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