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Daily Archives: November 28, 2005

Monday Top 10s

by Rob Friesel

The Sampo Method(Match all: Last Played is in the last 1 week, Date Added is in the last 2 weeks, Genre does not contain “Mix:”; Limit to 10 songs selected by most often played.) Front Line Assembly “Justify My Love” P.I.G. “No One Gets Out Of Her Alive” Front Line Assembly “New Years Day” Pro-Tech […]

66.4% almost there

by Rob Friesel

As seen on m00se and modus ponens: 53,137 / 80,000 (66.4%) Assuming I’m aiming for around 80,000 words in the first draft of my novel, I’m about two-thirds of the way there. Hrmm… I knew I should have typed up those six other hand-written chapters… Looks like I won’t make my December 4th goal… currently […]

dream.20051128: depressed DFW

by Rob Friesel

I’ve been spending a lot of time with David Foster Wallace’s family. So much time that his parents have started to affectionately call me “son” and basically treat me as one of their own. On the night in question, I return to their home quite late (having spent most of that night at a warehouse […]