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by Rob Friesel

Via TUAW: the Internet iTunes Registry – – upload the XML dump of your iTunes Library and join the info smorgasboard!

On first glance, this seems an awful lot like a variation on what I was talking about recently in “programming serendipity” – – it’s a little too soon for it to be “the lazy web” effect but I’ll take it.

From their home page:

This site allows its users to upload their iTunes playlists and run them through a (growing) series of reporting tools in an effort to help you, the listener, better understand your musical collection.

Some of the interesting things available (once you make an account) include a Browse-By-Letter tool for your iPod, rankings of entire songs and albums, an estimate of how diverse your music collection is and a handy little report that sits in your iPod’s ‘Notes’ folder, and gives you some interesting statistics on each of your genres.

“..estimate how diverse your music collection is…”? I wonder what that’s supposed to mean. Standard deviations away from the mean number of genres in a typical library? Or something else…? I’m curious what all is in there and how it ties back in with what I was talking about the other day.

More to follow…

UPDATE: Well, seems their servers keep flaking out because of dinks like me that saw the TUAW post and flocked there like a dunce pigeon. So I haven’t been able to explore too terribly much but I did get a dump of my Library’s XML file up there:

So… We’ll just have to keep our eyes peeled and hit it up again in the next couple days.

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