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Signs of a Bubble

by Rob Friesel

Via : Tristan Louis on “Signs of a Bubble” – – he breaks down the top five signs that you and your company may be living in a fantasy world where things like “revenue” aren’t important. #5 and #1 are the ones to key in on – – and they basically address the same core concept.

What he’s saying here is that you have to take your fundamentals and deal with them realistically. Plan. Understand where you’re going and how you’re going to get there. Be prepared for setbacks. Take advantage of the opportunities as they present themselves but don’t count on them.

Ties in a bit with the “Don’t Lose Touch” section in this Chuck Wielgus article – – how it’s sometimes important to strip it all down and look at the component parts without any window dressing. Google apparently takes some similar approaches – – esp. w/r/t/ communication between employees/developers. (Though both of these articles seem a little arrogant in their tones, feeling like they refer back to Louis’ #4…)

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