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TSA, anyone?

by Rob Friesel

And while I’m at it… Can I get a “WTF?” for the [tag]TSA[/tag]?

your tax dollars at work

Highlights on my trip down and back…:

  1. Trip down: “Take your shoes off…” – – what’s w/ the shoes? I mean really? When have you ever hidden anything in your shoes? And so one guy does the plastique soles trick but did you get a look at that guy? Would YOU have let him on the plane without searching him?
  2. Trip back: “Leave your shoes on…” – – when everyone else is taking them off? So you can do what? Pull me aside and SWAB MY FEET WITH A GIANT MUTANT Q*TIP??? I’m sorry, I don’t get it. At least I got to sit down.
  3. Trip back: After my feet get swabbed I’m “free to go” – – except that the rest of my carry-on things went through the regular conveyer. So not only were they not where I could see them but when I was told I was free to go and I go back to collect them, my phone is missing! A. retorted that I shouldn’t have worried about that because when they were collecting the phones passing through the X-ray machine that they held it up and asked “Whose is this?” and she (A.) told them to go ahead with it because it was her husband’s. Except that HOW WERE THEY SUPPOSED TO KNOW THAT? I’m sorry but my phone could have disappeared. If they were going to pull me aside (see above) why not skip the whole X-ray machine business and personally inspect all my crap?
  4. Trip back: All our bags/boxes had “prizes” in them when we got home. (See image above.)

And what’s with the additional “TSA tax” on all my airline tickets? Weren’t we paying for security before all this nonsense? I feel safer every day, don’t you?

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