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Linkdump for December 6th

by Rob Friesel

TSA Glass Box Mother Over Stored Breast Milk at X-Ray Nation (via DF; emphasis added): My patience wears thin and I start crying. It is hard to see on this video, but real tears wouldn’t stop streaming down my face. About 10 minutes into all this, a Phoenix PD comes to calm me down. I […]

Linkdump for November 17th

by Rob Friesel

TSA Success Story blog at—glad to see that someone is having some success resisting (tagged: TSA politics ) Browser CSS hacks by Paul Irish—a comprehensive list of browser-specific CSS hacks: I don't use CSS hacks anymore. Instead I use IE's conditional comments to apply classes to the body tag. ¶ Nonetheless, I wanted to […]

a letter to our Senators about these TSA “enhanced patdowns”

by not another Rob?

The letter I wrote:

I am writing to urge you to please put an immediate stop to the horrific policies of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).  The recently instituted policies of the TSA have gone beyond reasonable and I feel are a viola…