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Linkdump for April 1st

by Rob Friesel

Vernor Vinge Is Optimistic About the Collapse of Civilization Interview at Underwire at Always fun. (tagged: research future Vernor Vinge ) Saucer Country Written by Paul Cornell, art by Ryan Kelly, published by Vertigo. Looks amazing. (tagged: comic aliens scifi science fiction ) Self-Publish a Novel At Wired How-To Wiki. (tagged: publishing writing ) […]

Linkdump for November 16th

by Rob Friesel

CSS Positioning 101 by Noah Starks, at A List Apart (tagged: CSS position webdev ) EPIC v. DHS (Suspension of Body Scanner Program) at EPIC: Searches are reasonable if they escalate in invasiveness only after a lower level of screening discloses a reason to conduct a more probing search. EPIC argued that the TSA’s body […]

a letter to our Senators about these TSA “enhanced patdowns”

by not another Rob?

The letter I wrote:

I am writing to urge you to please put an immediate stop to the horrific policies of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). ┬áThe recently instituted policies of the TSA have gone beyond reasonable and I feel are a viola…

Linkdump for April 8th

by Rob Friesel

Easter Bunny knit dissection at B²: hilarity! (tagged: Easter knitting funny ) Data Robotics goes large with 8-bay DroboPro Always popular, now with rack-mount options, iSCSI, and way more storage. (tagged: Drobo ) Ammo shortage continues nationwide at Asheville Citizen-Times: welcome back to the carnival of the absurd, folks! (tagged: surreal dangerous disconnected-from-reality news ) […]