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Linkdump for November 16th

by Rob Friesel
  • by Noah Starks, at A List Apart
    (tagged: CSS position webdev )
  • at EPIC:

    Searches are reasonable if they escalate in invasiveness only after a lower level of screening discloses a reason to conduct a more probing search. EPIC argued that the TSA’s body scanner program fails to meet these standards because the TSA subjects all air travelers to the most extensive, invasive search available at the outset.

    And dare I say that "that's not even the half of it"? Read the whole thing; go on, read it. I'm not one to jump to conspiracy theories, but this is some serious insidious shit in every possible way.

  • There are probably hundred (thousands?) of these “Top N” lists in circulation at any given time. This one happens to be pretty good.

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