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yet another iTunes meme

by Rob Friesel

Variations on a theme? Yet another [tag]iTunes[/tag]-inspired song [tag]meme[/tag]. This time via m00se:

  • How many songs: 6,248
  • First Song: Candy Machine “–“
  • Last Song: Frederic Chopin “Zyczenie (Maiden’s Wish), Op. 74, No. 1 (Posth.)”
  • Sort by time:

    * Shortest Song: 0:04 (“Dante’s Lament” off the Clerks soundtrack)

    * Longest Song: 2:57:17 (The Apostles “Live at the University Club”)
  • Sort by artist:

    * First Artist: 1. Adagio sostenuto

    * Last Artist: Zinger Meats Spry
  • Sort by album:

    * First Album: Cee-Lo Green “…Is The Soul Machine”

    * Last Album: Junkie XL “Zerotonine 12″ Single”
  • Top Five Most Played Songs:

    1. Delerium “Orbit of Me” (118)

    2. David Holmes “Don’t Die Just Yet” (111)

    3. Amish Rake Fight “Sonda” (109)

    4. Chris Connelly “Come Down Here” (106)

    5. Underworld “Banstyle/Sappy’s Curry” (106)
  • First song that comes up on Shuffle: Tribalation “Why Did You Do That?”
  • Search by….

    * “sex”, how many songs come up? 66

    * “death”, how many songs come up? 28

    * “love”, how many songs come up? 176

    * “you”, how many songs come up? 402

    * “final”, how many songs come up? 5

currently playing: Broken Social Scene “Market Fresh”

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