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Akismet Spam Satori

by Rob Friesel

For S-C ([tag]satori[/tag] caught by [tag]Akismet[/tag] in [tag]comment spam[/tag]):

  • Iron necessity.- Iron necessity is a thing which has been found, in the course of history, to be neither iron nor necessary.
  • Once the decision has been made, close your ear even to the best counter argument: sign of a strong character. Thus an occasional will to stupidity.
  • It is terrible to die of thirst in the ocean. Do you have to salt your truth so heavily that it does not even-quench thirst any more?
  • Forbidden generosity.-There is not sufficient love and goodness in the world to permit us to give some of it away to imaginary beings.
  • The good four. Honest with ourselves and with whatever is friend to us; courageous toward the enemy; generous toward the vanquished; polite-always that is how the four cardinal virtues want us.
  • Opinions and fish.-Possessing opinions is like possessing fish, assuming one has a fish pond. One has to go fishing and needs some luck- then one has one`s own fish, one`s own opinions. I am speaking of live opinions, of live fish.
  • How poor would be the human mind without vanity! Thus, however, it resembles a well-stocked and constantly replenished bazaar which attracts buyers of every kind. There they can find almost everything, obtain almost everything.
  • Antithesis.-Antithesis is the narrow gate through which error is fondest of sneaking to the truth.
  • Against an enemy. How good bad music and bad reasons sound when one marches against an enemy!
  • The thought of suicide is a powerful comfort: it helps one through many a dreadful night.
  • Whoever does not know how to find the way to his ideal lives more frivolously and impudently than the man without an ideal.
  • The formula of my happiness A Yes, a No, a straight line, a goal.
  • The disappointed one speaks. I searched for great human beings; I always found only the apes of their ideals.
  • In such a highly developed humanity as the present, each individual naturally has access to many talents. Each has an inborn talent, but only in a few is that degree of toughness, endurance, and energy born and trained that he really becomes a talent.

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