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by Rob Friesel

Via B^2:

[tag]Philip Sandifer[/tag] is a graduate student in U. Fla’s English program, and keeps a personal creative writing journal called “[tag]Pulp Decameron[/tag],” where he posts very [tag]short stories[/tag] in the styles of various pulp genres. The stories are released under a [tag]Creative Commons[/tag] license. One story, I am Ready to Serve My Country, is a first person-account of a murderer who executes two victims before applying to the military.

On May 12, detective Sanders of the University of Florida police left him a voicemail asking him to contact her. This began a series of meetings and calls with the University Police in which detectives repeatedly pressured him to allow them to fingerprint him, so that they could compare his prints to evidence from unsolved murders. They cited his publication of the horror fiction as the reason.

Pretty soon we won’t even be able to [tag]dream[/tag] without having papers served re: [tag]probable cause[/tag].

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