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Linkdump for November 9th

by Rob Friesel

Officials: Fake weapons parts ‘ticking time bomb’ At the Associated Press. Fascinating story. (tagged: military politics counterfeit research ) Goes Creative Commons: 50 Great Images That Are Now Yours Thanks, Wired. (tagged: creative commons wired ) To Find Alien Cities, Look for City Lights on Distant Planets at Popular Science (tagged: Science Astronomy ) […]


by Rob Friesel

Via B^2: [tag]Philip Sandifer[/tag] is a graduate student in U. Fla’s English program, and keeps a personal creative writing journal called “[tag]Pulp Decameron[/tag],” where he posts very [tag]short stories[/tag] in the styles of various pulp genres. The stories are released under a [tag]Creative Commons[/tag] license. One story, I am Ready to Serve My Country, is […]

meditating on the future

by Rob Friesel

“Fall Down Six Times” is a series of short-shorts by [tag]Ran Prieur[/tag] that are essentially meditations on [tag]apocalyptic[/tag] collapses. Or a “Ridiculous Best Case Scenario”. Most of these have elements that remind me of conversations I’ve had recently with friends about “what we’ll do when the economy collapses.” It’s reassuring that I’m not the only […]

another 507

by Rob Friesel

A couple weeks ago, I posted the first 503 words of my story. For anyone interested in another taste (from chapter two): When the call came in, I was flat on my back, floating in a warm, viscous solution. I was defined by relaxation and perfectly content to dwell on the visions of sugared fullerenes […]

1st 503

by Rob Friesel

Almost two weeks ago, I announced that I’d completed the first draft of the novel I’d been working on over the past year. I had a few folks query me about the download for the complete PDF. To those: Thanks! To everyone else, here’s the first 503 words: The fires in the Port Calvert Asylum […]