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Sunday afternoon round-up

by Rob Friesel

House hunt goes very average. Price points are tough in greater [tag]Burlington[/tag]. We saw a half-dozen places in 48 hours that have left us feeling very flat. We’re not afraid of a little elbow grease to get a place in order but it also seems a little ridiculous that something should need $10-20k in immediate work just to be livable. And I’m not talking luxury living here. I’m just talking the basics: safety, hygeine, and energy efficiency.

That said, we’re reconsidering a lot of our assumptions. But not without wondering how other folks can (in good conscience) put a house up for sale when it needs so much attention.

The real drag of the weekend has been the weather though. Two weeks of rain. I guess we needed it but I’m getting pretty sick of weather maps that look like this:


…Mark G. was up this weekend to spend his vacation with us and get some hiking in. And instead we’ve sat around the house or dragged him into town while we cruised houses. What a sordid state of affairs.

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