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Happy 4th

by Rob Friesel

Obelish (Mt. Independence #3001)Spent a large chunk of my [tag]Independence Day[/tag] in the car… Decided to hike [tag]Mt. Independence[/tag] — a historic [tag]Revolutionary War[/tag] site here in Vermont — but underestimated the drive time. 90 minutes? Nope. Try two hours each way. (Ugh.) No major complaints there though — the drive was certainly scenic (though I believe that I managed to creep and crawl through the prep work for no fewer than six small town parades).

The choice to do the Mt. Independence trails was sort of a last minute thing. Rattlesnake Point was the originally planned destination but given the theme of the day, I figured that this particular park would be more fitting. Indeed, it felt good to get some meditation in on the subject. Put things into historical perspective, try to reconnect with the spirit of the folks that sacrificed so much for such a lofty goal and ideal. Makes me wonder what unifying force drives us all now.

Too bad it was so hazy today.

Also, is there some secret classic Mercedes roadster club here in Vermont? I swear: every other car on Rt. 100 was a late-70s Mercedes-Benz convertible of one model or another driven by an ear-to-ear grinning man with a bored-looking woman in the passenger seat.

PS: Here are the rest of the pics from today’s hike.

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