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pre-4th round-up

by Rob Friesel

Too much going on here at the home front. Moving ish is taking its toll. What with “the complications” and all. (If you don’t know, don’t ask…) The past couple weeks have been hellishly exhausting though, that’s the one thing that is for 100% certain. No end of [tag]work[/tag] on the Work front (which I assume is healthy though it doesn’t make me feel as such) and then the added bonus of coming home and trying to deal with “moving stuff” is ever enjoyable. A. has been a trooper and has dealt with an appreciable LOT of the load but her work is catching up with her, too. (Two experiments nose-diving in a row (first because of assistant error and the second due to equipment failure) have got her on the proverbial scramble…) We’re eager to wrap up this sordid chapter, that’s for certain.

That said: relief comes in small but intense doses. A.’s childhood pal Deborah (and her folks) paid us a rather excellent visit this past weekend which helped to take some of the edge off. Of course, yours truly being one of those penultimate introverts: gimme some fuckin’ solitude for a change.

A.’s experiments continue right through the fireworks tomorrow. Who knows what trouble I’ll get myself into… There’s an invitation out there for some Party Time but I think the best thing is some fresh air and solo hiking and solo out chilling. We’ll see, eh?

Oh! And last but certainly not least: thanks to Tim for the [tag]Gus Gus[/tag] remixes. Sickest ever.

currently playing: Gus Gus “Ladyshave (Old Skool Lego Mix)”

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71mm3r5 says:

for my money, the clear winner is the barry (gi gi galaxy remix) which is so amazingly 180 from the original as to be entirely new. in general, most of the polyesterday-era remixes are just straight quality.

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