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Writely Done (the NaNoWriMo mix)

by Rob Friesel

Cross-posted from Synaptic Clog:

Writely Done or: How F_D Learned to Stop Worrying and Love NaNoWriMo

Writely Done

The tunes that got me through the month:

  1. “Panic” The Smiths
  2. “No Names feat. Black Debbie” Danger Doom
  3. “We Will Become Silhouettes” The Shins
  4. “How Soon Is Now?” The Smiths
  5. “Banstyle/Sappy’s Curry” Underworld
  6. “Lift Your Head up High (And Blow Your Brains Out)” Bloodhound Gang
  7. “Sexual Healing” Hot Chip
  8. “True Faith” New Order
  9. “Aquarius” Boards Of Canada
  10. “Seen What I Saw” 16 Horsepower
  11. “Lucy” The Dining Rooms
  12. “The Breathing Room” Psykosonik
  13. “Whiskey” Voxtrot

Cover art and track listing are above; link (good for seven days) is here.

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