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Daily Archives: December 15, 2006

links for 2006-12-16

by Rob Friesel

Keenspot “…is an online entertainment network comprised of more than 50 of the very best (in our humble and subjective opinion) exclusive comic strips and cartoons on the web, all of which you can only find here (that’s what “exclusive” means!).” (tags: comic) Comprehensive guide to .htaccess- password protection (tags: htpasswd htaccess apache security tutorial) […]

dream.20061215: Istanbul by night

by Rob Friesel

A. and I have a minor quibble about our vacation plans.  It seems that when I thought I’d scheduled our trip to Turkey a year from now, it was actually only two weeks away.  Those international vacation plans now conflict with our more local, family-and-friends-related vacation plans.  Startled and appalled by my own reckless actions […]