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2006: over and out…

by Rob Friesel

Perhaps we’ll get a few posts from the road but tomorrow morning A. & I are out for a holiday road trip. A few parting shots before we jam out, however:

  • Get your holiday/2006-year-in-revue retrospective mix at Synaptic Clog. (Yes, I am a cross-posting whore.)
  • Careful with your bottle-opening methods:
    Bloody Knuckles
  • You know what they say about the Devil and Idling:
  • Most of all, don’t forget to smile:
    Unwrapping: 1e

Peace out, be merry, and watch for the flood of dream posts when I get back. I’ll be journaling those from the road Long Hand style.

currently playing: Pink Floyd “Careful With That Axe, Eugene”

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