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improv mix (Jan. 15, 2007)

by Rob Friesel

Inspired (in part) by our December Baltimore visit — having been surrounded by my vinyl-spinning peers again in the first time … well, in a long time … and having done so well on a stranger’s (née Ben’s) records — I’ve tried to get myself back on the decks. And while I’ve put out the odd mix every now and then, it’s hardly been consistent — each 60 minute dash is followed by 6 months of fallow, the “m” in “33.3 rpm” seeming more like “month” than “minute”. As I mentioned, I’m making it one of my goals this year to put a stop to that. And tonight, I’ve thrown down the first improv mix of the year. A few month’s ago, Pete wrote to the Wrangle:

Record a set of material that you would have spun during college that you would feel totally comfortable dropping out now, to a largely unfamiliar audience (i.e. not a “wooo, trueschler!” reunion or something).

I feel comfortable enough with this off-the-cuff mix to say that this is my answer to that challenge.

  1. BT “Mercury & Solace”
  2. Space Manoeuvres “Stage One (Tilt’s Apollo 11 mix)”
  3. Tekara “Breathe In You (Lost Tribe remix)”
  4. Paul Grogan “Haleakala Sunrise”
  5. Der Dritte Raum “Polarstern”
  6. Oliver Lieb “Subraumstimulation (main mix)”
  7. Friction “Pure (Friction’s Groove)”
  8. Mara “Lateral Horizon (Mara’s Xenopod mix)”
  9. Red Shift “Descender”
  10. Natious “Amber (Silk remix)”
  11. Chicane “Saltwater”

NOTE: GarageBand sucks and stops recording after 1:07 — so the whole marvelously beautiful coda on “Saltwater” is cut off.

MP3 mix is up on YouSendIt; download good for 7 days or 100 downloads.

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