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off night

by Rob Friesel

Creighton visited this weekend and we managed quite a night out of it Friday. Found ourselves in the midst of quite the deep house mix at the Half Lounge and briefly met the DJ (name of Craig (this Craig? sure looks like him anyway…)) who would apparently not mind a demo mix from other interested deep/tech house DJs in town. All seeming so timely after the recent flame was stoked by the Baltimore jaunt.

Anyway, tried to throw down such a mix tonight and it just wasn’t there. Pete said once that I have the worst luck with records of anyone he knows. More have come to my doorstep warped with skips in them… Not that that’s much of an excuse. But the weird curvature to the Aril Brikha EP does make it tough to mix with… It was still possibly a salvageable mix even after that but Audacity crashed somewhere around this 40 minute mark. (Gave it a whirl after our discovery about GarageBand last week…) All that said: bummer; take the rest of the night off…

currently playing: Sam Phillips “If I Could Write (Morgan Page Bootleg Remix)”

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