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by Rob Friesel

WRITING!Two hours well spent tonight. Reviewing notes going back to October of last year. Making tweaks to the ideas. Committing to other ideas that I had been “iffy” on. And then: writing. For the first time since I wrapped up “draft 1d” or “e” or whatever. Probably a good six months since the last writing session. (NaNoWriMo not really counting.)

That said, I was thinking about how I had committed to doing another draft this year. And how I had done nothing about that goal in January.1 Anyway, I did take something of an easy way out for the night… I chose a familiar starting point and recycled some old *ahem* time-honored material as a way of jump-starting myself.2

There was a bit more to it though.  I decided on a new approach for this draft.  A new approach in terms of mechanics and process in addition to some of the different angles I’m going to take for the narrative proper.  Lots of good lessons learned this past November though.  Every one of them will come in handy.

So I managed to put in 1,361 words for the night (about 500 of which are probably “new”) plus some deep review of the “old” notes and text  Not a bad showing.  Now I just need to do it nine more times to get on pace for the year.  And stay there.

  1. That looks like this. []
  2. This shouldn’t be so bad. For one thing, it’s a start. And besides, one of the Eno/Schmidt Oblique Strategies is: “Define an areas as ‘safe’ and use it as an anchor.” []

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