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night in

by Rob Friesel

Still recovering. I hate having to spend a Friday night “in” but still being a little on the sick side and having A. out of town on family business anyway… Well, it just makes more sense. Better to get healthy. Especially with Mardi Gras tomorrow. That should be a lot of fun. Our company has a (er) “float” this year. Should be quite bad ass… As for tonight, I’ll be headed to bed early. If my cough will let me. Oh what I wouldn’t give for a copy of Civ IV right now…

In other news:

  • DF has a good(-ish) piece on gender equity in the webdev arena. I like that he’s citing facts and questioning the assumptions that (for example) Kottke is making. However, I take issue with the figures on graduation numbers. In four years there is plenty of time for alpha geek males (students and profs alike) to “bully out” otherwise-interested females. The unspoken secret shame of CS (and webdev in particular) is that it’s dominated by young men that go all lefty on their politics but are secretly and perhaps unconsciously sexist.
  • Linked earlier this week: The “Interstellar Ark” bit from Strange Paths. Nicely heady piece of science-heavy sci-fi back-story ish. A lot of math and physics. I think I need at least two more passes to “get” it. But damn fascinating.
  • Which leads me to another link from earlier this week: Imaginary Homelands (via MeFi). The more time I spend with the links, the more fascinated I become. It brings to mind some kind of encyclopedic work that I seem to recall finding in Creighton’s possession a few years ago. Of course, it also brings to mind several projects that I’ve had (and either abandoned or side-lined) over the years…
  • And also linked earlier this week: Coding Horror on “The cost of leaving your PC on“… I was going to write-up a Mac-heads version of this but then I realized, he’d already linked out to an article that covered that material already. The verdict? Macs are like ascetic monks when it comes to power. (Sort of.) So figure out a good schedule and shut it down at night if you can. You’ll be doing us all a favor. And on that note

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