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random Monday night braindump

by Rob Friesel
  1. The gig this past weekend was both incredibly fun and incredibly draining. As I mentioned to a couple of folks already: it was the first time playing some records felt like … er … work. Pete pointed out that a four hour set will do that to a person. Still, such an incredibly good time. Many thanks to the friends (and strangers) that came out to show support.
  2. I realized that finishing River of Gods puts me within one book of goal #5 for 2007. Rock on. What next? Chandler? Atwood? Stross? Something totally trashy?
  3. The official announcement went out from our site coordinator today about the garden plots. We were there to see it yesterday. At any rate, it’s getting to be pretty exciting.
  4. Meanwhile, closer to home: we were positively shocked at the price quote we received this week for grounds maintenance at our condo for the year. And by shocked, I mean appalled. I can understand why they’d give the prices they do… I suppose it’s hardly worth the trip. Ugh
  5. Also: Dear City of Burlington Department of Public Work: Hurry up and FINISH FIXING THIS:
    road work #1720 (morning #2)
  6. I’m getting fixated on images from my “steampunk Libya” dream. My hurried early-a.m. description didn’t really do it justice. And maybe that’s just my writer’s mind filling in the blanks? Nah…

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