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wrap up, ship out

by Rob Friesel

Rhythm RidersWhat a week… The kind of week where you think to yourself Man, do I need a vacation… And this week I get lucky because I do have a vacation!

A. & I ship out tomorrow for what appears to be our first ever “real” vacation.  Just me and her.  A long way from home.  For more than just some long weekend1.  Got the house/pet-sitting arrangements all squared away and so we’re off with clear consciences (<em>conscienci?</em>).

Anyhoo–  Going to try some “pre-dated” posts to keep things fresh and rolling around here while we are miles away from a computer with valid login credentials.

currently playing: Underworld “Juanita/Kiteless (live)”

  1. NOTE: Holiday-centric trips to visit family do not count. []

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