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by Rob Friesel

home from the vet

After much worry, Stolichnaya returns from the vet. As Wrangled:

We picked him up this morning. The vet said that he’s still hasn’t eaten but that he probably just didn’t feel like it because he was in such a strange environment (i.e., in a cage surrounded by a bunch of other caged, sick cats). “He pulled out his IV during the night,” she continued, “and that’s usually a good sign.” Once we got him home and tried to give him his medicine, I could see why. He struggled; piss and vinegar, indeed.

Since then he’s re-emerged from the couch and nearly thwarted us on his second round of medicine. He turned down some catnip (highly strange) and still has not eaten (that we can tell) but he is using his litter box again. That much is encouraging, at least. Now he’s chillin’ on my side of the bed. Smug little bastard.

UPDATE: He seems to be picking at his food this morning.  That’s certainly the biggest mark of improvement yet.

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