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goals for 2007: quarterly check-in

by Rob Friesel

Personal goals for 2007: doing pretty well last quarter; let’s see where we are now:

  1. Write approx. 80,000 new words of fiction. This is updated from “write another 80,000 word draft of my novel”. Good news, re-writing the goal helped me get motivated. As if to say “all of my writing counts”. Bad news, I’m still about 48% of the target pace:
    2007 writing goal
  2. Run or walk at least 10 miles every week. Though we were a little behind in the winter (i.e., not walking to work in 0 degree temps, thanks) we’re ahead of pace here in the spring:
    2007 walking/running goal
    …at 233.19 miles total walked/ran thus far.
  3. Hike 10 new trails/mountains in 2007. No new progress. Hopefully notch one today and add it on
  4. Mix at least 1 hour every week. Erm… My gig in April helped skew the average in my favor but overall this has not worked out to be a reality:
    2007 mixing goal
  5. Read 12 new books this year. Let us enumerate them: The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay, three Dashiell Hammett mysteries (which we’ll count as one), Magic for Beginners, The Postman, Siddhartha & Demian, The No Asshole Rule, Blindsight, Old Man’s War, Invisible Cities, River of Goods, Oryx & Crake (which I had been convinced that I had previously read but upon reading discovered I had not), A Dirty Job, Year’s Best Science Fiction (17th edition), Cat’s Eye, and two Raymond Chandler mysteries (which we’ll count as one). My graph looks like this:
    2007 reading goal
  6. Master CSS. Uh… Still don’t know how to quantify that one. I feel pretty comfortable saying I’ve reasonably accomplished this. A satisfactory mastery, if you will.

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4 Responses to goals for 2007: quarterly check-in

Scott says:

I run by your house 3 times a week. You’re welcome to pop down to the bike path and do it up.

Scott says:

With cross browser idiosyncrasies does anyone truly ever master css? The css exams are easy and short so its hard to know what mastery entails.

found_drama says:

@Scott: I suppose it’s *because* of the cross-browser idiosyncrasies that I set that as a goal for myself. Indeed, narrowing down some identifiable marker as the indication of mastery, that’s the biggest challenge of all.

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