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Daily Archives: August 5, 2007

6 Sunday morning bullets

by Rob Friesel

A.’s mom & cousin are up for a few days so we’re making the most of the visit and exploring, etc.  Checked out a couple swimming holes (Bolton & Bristol), raspberry picking, etc. Got our first fruits on the butternut squash (hooray!) but also had to pull a few more dead/dying zucchinis because of infestation […]

dream.20070805: ghosts and codes

by Rob Friesel

The ghost of Meryl Streep is chasing folks around this house.  Secluded out in the woods, over-looking a lake (with mountains in the distance), the house has to rhyme or reason to its arrangement or structure; its corridors go any which way.  Myself and a woman acquaintance race around the halls in the middle of […]