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Daily Archives: August 16, 2007

links for 2007-08-17

by Rob Friesel

Blows Against the Empire @ The New Yorker (via lawnczar): good article on PKD (tags: scifi writing literature todo) 22 Tips for Effective Deadlines @ GREAT short article on how to “hack” your productivity through short-term, aggressive deadlines (surprised that this isn’t a 43f special) (tags: GTD productivity work lifehacks)

dream.20070816: lost

by Rob Friesel

The road is some amalgamation of Rt. 7 in Burlington and 355 in Gaithersburg; yet at the same time it is neither.  An overgrowth of trees abuts the road at each stretch, each intersection, each fork.  The town is dense right along the road but unravels quickly into rural settings at each branch, every turn.  […]