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Daily Archives: August 21, 2007

links for 2007-08-22

by Rob Friesel

125 Code Snippets for web designers via a nice collection of CSS trickery (tags: CSS design webdev) How the USAF (almost) discovered pulsars via B^2: and with tales like this, how could people possibly still believe in USAF cover-ups of aliens at Roswell? (tags: history humor) Google LatLong: YouTube-style Embeddable Maps (tags: google map […]

dream.20070821: hold them back

by Rob Friesel

The students have become teachers?  You have returned to high school as a student; people that you have taught in the past now stand at the chalkboard, doing their best to explain concepts that you long ago taught them.  (Wait, back up.  Did you even teach them?)  They criticize your in-class work; they mark it […]