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goals for 2007: quarterly check-in

by Rob Friesel

Personal goals for 2007: let’s see where we are after Q3:

  1. Write approx. 80,000 new words of fiction. …with at least 40,000 words of “totally new” fiction. As I updated this goal once already this year, I won’t bother updating it again. That would seem like cheating. That said, I think I may have picked the wrong scale for my measure. Counting words alone and I’ve hardly made any progress. But I put in dozens of hours of work this quarter on the outline for The Project, making significant headway toward revisions. So we’ll graph the hours instead of the words written (because how do you count “words written” for a story outline?):
    2007 writing goal
  2. Run or walk at least 10 miles every week. I continue to do well here; well ahead of pace:
    2007 walking goal
  3. Hike 10 new trails/mountains in 2007. Significant progress this quarter but still behind pace; as you can see, I’ve got three more to go:
    2007 hiking goal
  4. Mix at least 1 hour every week. Nary a record remembered as mixed. I suck. Won’t even bother with the data visualization.
  5. Read 12 new books this year. 24 new-to-me books1 read since January. Reading FTW!
    2007 reading goal
  6. Lastly: Master CSS. Still don’t know how to quantify that one. But still reasonably satisfied with this one here.
  1. The Adventures of Kavalier & Clay, The Complete Dashiell Hammett (a five-in-one binding, three of which I read), Magic for Beginners, The Postman, Hesse’s Siddhartha and Demian, The No Asshole Rule, Blindsight, Old Man’s War, Invisible Cities, River of Gods, Oryx & Crake, A Dirty Job, 17th annual Year’s Best Science Fiction edited by Dozois, Cat’s Eye, a three-in-one binding of Raymond Chandler novels, a Coupland trifecta with Generation X and Microserfs and All Families Are Psychotic, The Chinatown Death Cloud Peril, The Lone Surfer of Montana Kansas, Galatea 2.2, a National Geographic book about the solar system, and most recently Accelerado. Not counting the technical text of Version Control With Subversion. []

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