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mid-December perblog

by Rob Friesel

you can't strikeout an ellipsisBetween the dreams and linkdumps, it’s been a while since I’ve put any written stuff down on this here web shingle. Quiet isn’t always bad, I suppose. No ends of busy lately…

The thermometer stayed in single digits all day today. F-ing brrr… Interest certainly waned for outside activities today; and alas, didn’t make it to the rock gym for any bouldering either. With the pending Nor’easter, it’s unlikely I’ll make it tomorrow. Instead? A. and I have poked around the house today, listening to Ben’s WiFi1 and tidying up. We finally put lights up on our bush-tree.

Good (or at least “interesting”) week for news and such: Flickr added stats, an interesting piece in the Times about high-calorie vs. high-nutrient eating, “w00t” makes M-W’s word of the year for 2007, Brawndo goes “legit”, and I obsessively watch my first eBay auction in 9 or 10 years2 appear to actually make some headway.

Writing goes well enough. On his last visit, C. made some remarks about how he thinks I’ve over-invested myself in “The Project” and that I’d be wise to put it aside. For a long time. Get some distance from it, perhaps return to it after a couple years; but he thinks I ought to move on. There may be something to that. I’m not convinced that he’s right but I also decided to pick up my ’06 NaNoWriMo for a read/revise session (following my failed attempt at The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle). Since I wasn’t making any real progress on “The Project”. Perhaps those two can trade places here.

In any case… We’re trying to keep things level and ride out the remainder of the year on cruise control.

  1. Isn’t that the first “WiFi” mix in … what? … two years? []
  2. It blows my mind that eBay has been around that long. []

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