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Daily Archives: January 1, 2008


by Rob Friesel

I don’t really remember how this one popped on my radar.  An “plog” entry?  Recommendation?  GoodReads stream?  All of those?  Something else? Anyway, Jeremy Shipp’s Vacation popped up sometime late last year and it made it onto my to-read list.  I’m positive that if my local library had it, I’d have read it already […]

2008 Goals

by Rob Friesel

Since last year’s resolutions goals were such a success, I figured that I would do it again this time. Turning these “New Year’s resolutions” into goals and then making them measurable seems to be the way to go. Plus, all that measurability really lets the Inner Geek shine through with all that obsessive tracking and […]

2007 Goals: Thrilling Conclusion

by Rob Friesel

Personal goals for 2007: after last quarter, let’s see where we landed for 2007 overall: Write approx. 80,000 40,000 new words of fiction. This goal morphed so many times over the year. First it was focused on 80k words in my novel project; then it was 80k new words on any project; then 40k new […]