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DSLR shopping (done)

by Rob Friesel

Canon XTiWell, gentle readers, yesterday I wrapped up the hemming and hawing and took the DSLR plunge.  Motivated in part by the impending baby and in part by a good Memorial Day Sale deal, I picked up a Canon XTi.

A. & I ventured out yesterday to hit a couple of stores and try our luck with the advertised sales and their not-always-advertised deals.  The main objective was to get a little bit more hands-on play time with the front-running models (i.e., the Nikon D60 and the Canon XTi) and shore up the decision.  I had found a couple of good deals online ( to the rescue) but figured by the time we factored in shipping, there was a chance I would spent about the same amount at a brick-and-mortar store.  Plus (as mentioned above) the last thing I wanted to do was commit to one without having had another chance to get a feel for the controls.

Our first stop was out of the XTi but we did spend a few minutes with a D60.  After about 10 minutes screwing around, I decided that the D60 would be acceptable but there was something unfamiliar about the controls and the icons that bugged me out.  We left there and moved on to store #2.  They had both the XTi and the D60 in stock but neither camera was sold “body-only” — so that combined with the lack of 50mm primes combined with the less-than-great sale price…  We moved on.

Store #3…  Well, they took care of us.  The price was right, the sales person was knowledgeable and friendly and candid.  And though they carried neither a body-only kit nor the 50mm prime…  Well, she convinced me.  I’m glad I went ahead with it:


Left on the to-do list?  The kit lens is a great starter, I think but everyone keeps bringing up that fast 50mm prime.  Oh…  And does anyone have a recommendation on a good “backpack style” camera bag?

Special thanks out to Chris, John, and Justin for their feedback, recommendations, and tips.

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4 Responses to DSLR shopping (done)

Chris Kelly says:

Congrats on the purchase! Enjoy your new toy!

B&H Photo is a great place to pick up camera-related stuff (e.g the 50mm lens) if you’re going the online route. Highly recommended.

ozdistrict says:

Check out Lowepro bags – same maker as Lowealpine backpacks – heard good things about the camera bags – I have a Lowealpine pack and it is awesome.

We are going to have to chat about the camera after you test drive it a bit – I think its about time for me to pick one up very soon (ie – before vacation in July).

found_drama says:

@Chris: thanks! B&H is the tip I got from the Sales Clerk at Store #3 actually… (She was like: “I probably shouldn’t tell you this but you don’t want to buy any of the bags we have here; try this…”)

@ozdistrict: (1) the Lowepro Trekker II is one of the front runners but may have been displaced by a Tamrac Adventure 7 (which I’ve heard is sturdier and has more/better compartments for the non-camera items; this bad mamma jamma is for hikes, after all); (2) call me any time!

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