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Daily Archives: October 12, 2008

Linkdump for October 12th

by Rob Friesel

Continuation: 32 (26-32 last batch) Fool-Proof Federal Income-Tax-Saving Strategies at Fix My Personal Finance 10 Smart State Income-Tax Saving Strategies at Fix My Personal Finance WordPress 2.7 Comments Enhancements McCain Denounces Pitchfork-Wavers Seriously? What does this say about McCain's base, eh? The real ugliness isn't in the electioneering. Reason for Removal – Swivel But, in […]

dream.20081012: brane

by Rob Friesel

A terrorist (think Irish Republican Army and not Al-Qaeda) has holed up in the hospital.  The weapon he uses is some kind of sub-space brane that seems to fold matter into itself.  As a hostage, I witness him calling on the brane — which looks like a misty pink cloud — to unfurl itself from […]