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2008 reading

by Rob Friesel

Taking a cue from Mike:

…minus a few children’s books.

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4 Responses to 2008 reading

Fogus says:

There are a few on your grid that I’ve been putting off for a while… mind giving a few quick thumbs up/down for me?

1) Seelected Stories of PKD
2) Wastelands
3) Algebraist
4) Hyperion


found_drama says:

(1) PKD selected stories: a good round-up of his work, I thought. Organized chronologically so you can see the progression of his style and the perseverence of his themes. Thumbs up.

(2) Wastelands: best collection I read during all of ’08. Highly recommended. Big thumbs up.

(3) Algebraist: /meh. I think I felt about this one like you felt about Anathem.

(4) Hyperion: mixed feelings. Conceptually interesting. Parts of it were great. Others mediocre. I wouldn’t go so far as to “thumbs down” it but don’t rush it to the top of your list.

fogus says:

Excellent! Thanks for the pointers. I suppose the PKD collection stands to reason to be good, but the others… not so much. I have sworn off zombie fiction for a while, but Wasteland does not contain those shambling fiends right?

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