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Linkdump for March 18th

by Rob Friesel
  • …according to Esquire. Not such a bad list, actually; and surprisingly well-rounded and eclectic.
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  • at :

    That may strike many people as a bit of convenient legalese, but maybe there is something to it. If you think this economy is a mess now, imagine what it would look like if the business community started to worry that the government would start abrogating contracts left and right.

    The exception of course being that most companies didn't nearly bankrupt the Western Hemisphere and then ask for a hand-out to keep going. Fuck the contracts. Had AIG gone under all together, these guys wouldn't be getting paid. So don't pay them now. Or: keep them on board, tax the shit out of the bonuses they do get, and pay them $1/year (like their CEO) until they've dug themselves and the economy out of the mess that they got it into. (Sorry guys, guess those trips to Tahiti will have to wait another couple years.)

  • via B² — pure hilarity! where does he come up with this A+ comedic material?
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  • AIG in a statement said: "The remark is very disappointing, but AIG's employees continue to work with poise and professionalism to take care of policyholders and repay taxpayers."


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  • potential fix for miserable little Flickr badge annoyance…
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