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2009 Goals: Q3 round-up

by Rob Friesel

July, August, September: have you really gone so quickly hither?  I hardly knew Summer before it had colored itself with Autumn’s crayons!  Oh well…  Let’s see where we landed goals-wise:

  1. Write at least three hours per week. Getting better, almost back to “peak” output…?  August and September were clearly the strongest so far this year.  But still lagging.  And even with August finally getting up over the total month’s target output, most weeks still aren’t “at least three hours”.
    That said:  I believe I’ll make up for it with NaNoWriMo this year.
  2. Read 36 new books during 2009. Behind pace still…
    …but I’ve only got 2 “short list” books left out of 12…
    …and I’m working my way though Dhalgren right now.  As for the rest of the 2009 shelf: 23 books for approximately 8,900 pages.
  3. Walk at least 10 miles every week. Since we moved out of Burlington in July, I find I’m walking a lot less.  This bums me out a bit1 and maybe I should retire this perennial favorite goal:
    That said:  (1) I have quite a few “after dinner constitutionals” which have never made it onto the list; and (2) I did manage to run once2 in September.
  4. Climb at least once each week. Just barely missing the mark since we moved out of town…  A few factors are stacked against me here.  When we were living in town it was easy to catch a ride home after climbing (after work) but having moved out of town has changed a lot of that.  We’re still figuring out our rhythms here, so I won’t lose faith that I’ll get this back in order.
  5. Finish up my Ortho theme for WordPress. I said: I’ve been done.
  6. Get outside more often. How’s this, this, and this?  I know, I was disappointed, too.
  1. Though it’s one of very very few things that bum me out about moving. []
  2. But yeah… Just once. []

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